Bridgestone reveals new tire model specifically made for electric buses

On Tuesday, Bridgestone announced it has launched its new R192E tire developed specifically for electric buses. The company says its new tire will assist in reducing traffic congestion and is also more environmentally friendly, which aligns with most automakers’ push for all-electric vehicles, including bus fleets.  

The new tire is reportedly an all-position radial tire with unique features that provide “high load capacity and ultra-low rolling resistance.” These include wide grooves, several gripping edges, Bridgestone’s 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake technology, and a groove fence, allowing better traction in poor weather conditions. 

The tire is also reportedly made with a 21/32″ tread depth, more advanced sidewalls and tread gauges, and steel belts and casings, which aim to extend the life of the tire. These components are expected to improve the reliability and lifespan of the tire, theoretically reducing fleet costs in the future. 

Bridgestone President of Commercial Trucking, Chris Ripani, said that the tire is “not only an innovative tire solution but a leading example of how Bridgestone is taking steps to reduce CO2 emissions and contribute to a more sustainable world through its products, services and solutions.”

The development of the tire is part of Bridgestone’s so-called E8 Commitment, which includes commitments to “Energy, Ecology, Efficiency, Extension, Economy, Emotion, Ease, and Empowerment.” The new tire mainly relates to Ecology and Energy, as the ultimate goal is to create sustainable technologies and promote a healthier environment for the future.

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