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Breaking Barriers: How Loren Roberts is striking the balance of progress and success

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women represent just over 21% of car dealership employees. While the numbers are low, they are increasing in diverse roles throughout the dealership. On today’s episode of Women Driving the Industry, we turn our focus to Loren Roberts, the Director of Marketing for Jim Ellis Automotive Group, to learn more about her role and journey within the industry. 

Key Takeaways 

1. During the interview, Roberts sheds light on the rising presence of women in the automotive industry, although there’s still progress to be made. She explores the challenges women face, such as work-life balance in a fast-paced retail environment and the need for supportive work cultures.

2. Roberts also discusses her personal journey of balancing work and family life, highlighting the pressures she felt early in her career and how she learned to set boundaries to maintain a healthy balance. This theme reflects broader discussions about work-life integration for professionals, particularly women in demanding industries.

3. Moreover, Roberts touches on moments of self-doubt and questioning one’s abilities, which are common experiences for professionals, especially when transitioning between roles or industries. Roberts’ journey exemplifies how mentorship, supportive leadership, and personal resilience play crucial roles in overcoming such challenges.

4. Roberts emphasizes the importance of mentorship and having supportive colleagues and leaders, particularly women in leadership roles. This theme underscores the value of mentorship programs and inclusive workplaces in fostering career growth and confidence among women professionals.

5. Nevertheless, Roberts’s passion for community impact is evident in her work in the automotive industry. It underscores the significance of aligning personal values with professional roles, finding purpose in contributing to meaningful initiatives, and how this can drive career fulfillment.

"I just had that ability to watch them and to go to them for advice and see that it was possible and know that I didn't have to be doing anything I guess was crazy or that it was taking more time than was needed to have that balance I was looking for." – Loren Roberts

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