Auto dealer Gary Barbera gives back to Philadelphia with Free Gas Fridays

Consumers are feeling the impact of rising gas prices across the country and Gary Barbera, Founder of Barbera’s Autoland, and Barbera Cares Division, is doing something about it. Gary joins us now to discuss his current efforts to alleviate the effects of high gas prices, and we’ll also get a glimpse into what his business looks like today.

Earlier this year, gas prices hit the highest national average in eight years and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has only exacerbated the problem. When this happened, the Barbera Cares team wanted to reduce the burden on their local community. Since the middle of March, Barbera Cares has been hosting Free Gas Fridays, where 50 cars can receive up to $50 of free gas.

Free Gas Fridays have also caught the attention of local NBC and Fox news affiliates and Telemundo. Barbera says you can’t buy that kind of publicity, but that’s not why his team gives back. He explains that people are just so happy when they find out their gas will be paid for. It gives them a little break where they can also enjoy food with friends and even local celebrities.

“Whether they purchased a car from you or not, doesn’t matter,” says Barbera. “You’re, you’re just given 50 families, a tank of gas basically, which is coming, comes in handy in a very big way right now.”

Switching gears to dealership operations, Barbera says that Stellantis anticipates challenges with inventory allocation this April. However, Barbera adds that his business is fairing better than it has been in months past. As of late March, he had 300 units between new and used vehicles, which is the biggest supply the store has had for a long time.

Up and down inventory levels can certainly hamper the customer experience. That’s why Barbera and his team have put a big emphasis on Google Reviews. Right now, Barbera Autoland averages 4.5 stars across 3,239 reviews. He explains that digital and social media advertising is the dealer’s opportunity to show their business in the best light. Google Reviews on the other hand, often reveal the realities of the customer experience. That’s where the rubber meets the road.

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