How lifestyle expert and TV personality Barbara Majeski found her true purpose after beating cancer

Now, she helps others achieve new heights in their personal growth.

After being diagnosed with cancer, going through chemo, and getting a divorce, Barbara Majeski found herself at a crossroads in life. Today, she joins the show to share her story and how she inspires others to live their lives with purpose. Majeski is a lifestyle expert and TV personality regularly featured on the TODAY Show, Inside Edition, Fox and Friends, Good Day New York, and many others.

In 2015, on the heels of a divorce, Majeski was confronted with a stage 3 cancer diagnosis and thought she would lose her life, leaving behind three young children. During her six months of chemotherapy treatment, Majeski says she had a breakthrough. She decided to take inventory of all the things she was proud of and all of the things she hadn’t done yet. At that moment, Majeski says she realized that she had left so much unsaid. She made a vow to herself that if she ever got to the other side of cancer, she would never ‘play small’ again or let negative voices stop her.

Majeski explains that her biggest regret was waiting until she was confronted by her own mortality before starting to live at the highest expression of herself. So, she decided to try and fulfill a life-long dream of working in television, specifically, the TODAY Show. Her talent for finding, testing, and sharing all the good things in life led to the launch of her brand as the Curator of the Good Life, where she helps others live with true purpose, style, and adventure.

“Appreciation and gratitude are abundance vibrations,” says Majeski. “And to bring in more abundance, opportunities, and growth to deepen your relationships, start from a space of gratitude. Move into appreciation as opposed to focusing on what you don’t have.”

To get started, Majeski says to write down the things you want to bring into your life without a scarcity mindset. By writing them down, you will start moving in the desired trajectory and ultimately, thrive. That’s exactly what happened to Majeski. She had gone from envisioning herself on the TODAY Show, to actually appearing on it, along with dozens of other media segments. It wasn’t easy, but she learned to quiet the self-doubt and create a stunningly successful personal brand.

“That’s what I love teaching and sharing with everyone, is that you can move in the trajectory of your dreams if you’re willing to believe in it and do the work to get yourself there,” she says.

Check out more of Barbara Majeski’s inspiring work here, and watch for the release of the book she is currently working on called Growing Up Schwartz.

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