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All-Electric Jeep Renegade confirmed to start under $25,000

The news comes at a crucial time for Jeep, as the brand has seen a decline in sales over recent years.

Jeep has officially confirmed the launch of an all-electric Renegade, starting at under $25,000, as part of its strategy to expand into new markets. The announcement was made during Stellantis’ 2024 Investor Day on June 13. In the U.S., the Renegade EV will join Jeep’s existing electric lineup, which includes the Wagoneer S and the Wrangler-inspired Recon. This move marks a significant step in Jeep’s broader plan to introduce three new EVs in North America.

The news comes at a crucial time for Jeep, as the brand has seen a decline in sales over recent years. Despite being voted America’s most patriotic brand, Jeep’s U.S. sales have been slipping, with a 6% drop to 642,924 units in the past year, following a 12% decline in 2022 and a 2% drop in 2021. Jeep CEO Antonio Filosa expressed optimism that the new electric vehicles will help reverse this trend, highlighting the potential for the Wagoneer S, Jeep’s first global EV, to capture market share from competitors like Tesla.

Two weeks ago, Jeep unveiled the Wagoneer S, a luxury electric SUV with a range of up to 300 miles. This is part of Jeep’s larger plan to strengthen its brand and expand into new markets. The Renegade, priced under $25,000, will re-enter the small utility vehicle market globally and return to the mid-size UV segment in North America. Jeep aims to expand its lineup from 10 to 13 models over the next three years to have six all-electric vehicles by 2027.

Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares previously hinted at an affordable Jeep EV, suggesting it would be priced around $25,000 in the U.S., similar to the 20,000 Euro Citroen e-C3 in Europe. During Investor Day, Tavares confirmed that this affordable model will be the electric Renegade. While further details about the Renegade EV have not been disclosed, it is expected to attract a broad range of consumers looking for affordable electric options.

The Renegade EV will join the Wagoneer S and the Recon, a rugged EV inspired by the Wrangler, in Jeep’s electric vehicle lineup. The Recon is expected to be revealed later this year, signaling Jeep’s commitment to an electric future and expanding its presence in the competitive EV market.

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Jaelyn Campbell
Jaelyn Campbell
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