6 Video Ideas for Social Media Outreach

social media

Social media is the next frontier for customer outreach and connection. Video content, in particular, is a powerful tool for engaging with your buyers and building your brand. If you’re new to the medium, though, making a video can be overwhelming. You may not be sure what to make videos of, or insecure about the quality of your videos. Not to worry! Here are six video ideas that are easy to make no matter what equipment you have.

#1. Announcement News

Have a big event coming up? Is there a promotion going on? Share the news with a quick video. Announcements should be quick and can be set against your lot, a company sign or team huddle.

#2. Introduce Employees

You have a great staff–show them off. Before filming, come up with a simple formula for staff interviews. As before, videos should stay short. Consider having staff answer the following: who they are, what they do at your dealership, how long they’ve worked for you, two exciting things about themselves, and which car they currently love and why. Formulas like these take away some of the performance anxiety while at the same time creating personable, interesting content that really lets your customers know the real people who work at the dealership.

#3. Customer Testimonials

Who better to sell your cars than the customers themselves? If a customer is willing, having them record a brief testimonial you can upload to social media. To make the process easier, have a staging corner already set up, so videos are always clean and easy to understand. A staging area can be as simple to set up as designating a quiet corner of your office with your logo printed on a clean wall. Have a customer stand in front of the wall, record their testimonial on your camera and voila! You have a professional-looking video.

#4. Video FAQ

People have questions. Be the ones who answer those questions, using a video. Start with frequently asked questions (FAQ) you’ve fielded on your lot and then as time goes on, solicit questions from your audience, by asking them to write in the comments section what questions they want answered. Filming FAQ videos don’t need to be fancy. You can sit at your desk as you answer, or, if there’s a visual needed, next to a car so you can point things out.

#5. List It

List videos are increasingly popular on social media sites and are easy to film. You can make a list video of six cool cars you have on your lot, eight essential products your car needs for the winter or five things you should consider when buying a used car. If the list is of actual items or vehicles, take pictures of the items or film them to go as background while you talk. If the list is of ideas, as in the example of things to consider when buying a used car, you can take a tour around some used vehicles, or merely stand against a wall with your logo on it.

#6. Say Thank You

Thank you videos are one last and meaningful way to connect with your customers without needing to be an advanced videographer. In fact, low budget thank yous are often seen as more sincere. If you want to thank those who participated in events, or who’ve recently visited your dealership, just turn the camera on yourself and say it. Be specific in details, letting people know exactly what you appreciate. If you want to get a little fancier, have your entire team behind you so they can echo your sentiments, or pass the camera around so each member can add their own personal twist to the thank you.