6 Things That Will Make You (and Your Manager) a Better Leader


According to Glenn Llopis, a contributor to Forbes.com, there are distinct differences between managers and leaders. However, the new workplace is starting to see the interconnectedness of managers and leaders as organizations get leaner. For example, managers are being forced to become more strategic to cast their own vision for course-correction as the marketplace shifts more rapidly and competitive pressure impacts the bottom line faster.  As such, managers must become better leaders as the demand for instant results and higher levels of performance are required to navigate the fiercely competitive landscape.

Today’s manager must have a more authoritative mindset.   In other words, while their role and responsibilities are that of a manager, they must carry the executive presence of a leader that instills commanding confidence in his or her team.   Managers need to step-up their game and prepare themselves for the next opportunity that awaits them.  

If you are at that stage in your career, or if you believe that you could help someone who is, Glenn suggests the following six proven ways to more rapidly become a better leader in your workplace:

  1. Strengthen Your People Skills
  2. Motivate and Inspire Others to Achieve
  3. Be Authentic and Genuine
  4. Resolve Difficult Situations
  5. Achieve Results in Different Ways
  6. Cast a Clear Vision

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