Crafting an outstanding customer experience at your dealership

customer experience


Mike Wittenstein, Managing Partner with Storyminers has been crafting customer experiences for over a decade. Mike explains that “customer experience is everything your brand does for your customers”. In retail automotive, your competition often sells the same product as you so it is most important that you provide a unique experience and that is what Mike does best.
In this interview Joe sits down with Mike Wittenstein to find out what you can be doing now to offer your customers that unique experience from beginning to end. Here are some questions Joe asked Mike. Tune in to find out his answers:

      • What do you say to dealers that want to set themselves apart from their competition?
      • Are new digital experience technologies helpful or detrimental to the overall customer experience at a dealership?
      • Most dealerships have 1 to 2 top performers, why can’t the rest of the sales staff produce on the same level?
      • How much does culture have to do with the customer experience?