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5 tips to make service more convenient for your customers

Instead of making your customers wait for an advisor to be available, they can check themselves in and reduce the wait time.

With nearly 165,000 auto repair and maintenance shops in the United States, you need your dealership to stand out. The key to success is making service more convenient for your customers, so much so that they don’t want to go anywhere else.

We have five tips to create more convenience for your service customers.

live chat1. Offer a Mobile-Friendly Website

In 2020, 53.62% of all website traffic was generated through a mobile device. That number will only increase throughout 2021. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you won’t even get customers to your service center.

Browse your website from several devices, using various operating systems. Make sure everything is easy to navigate. Check all of the links and videos to ensure everything is working properly. Most importantly, make sure service can be scheduled quickly and seamlessly.

2. Self-Service Check-In

Service kiosks started to become popular when COVID-19 hit, but many dealerships have realized how beneficial they truly are. The more a customer can do themselves, without interaction, the more convenient the process becomes.

Just think about other industries that have already embraced this technology. You find self-service equipment at the local grocery store, your favorite take-out restaurants and more. Isn’t it time we introduce this same concept for fixed-ops?

Instead of making your customers wait for an advisor to be available, they can check themselves in and reduce the wait time.

3. Create a Quick Lane

Customers repeatedly complain about the wait time to get simple maintenance at the dealership. If the appointment is only going to take a half-hour, why are they made to wait so long? Many times, it’s simply because there isn’t a place for them.

With an express service lane, there’s a spot dedicated to common maintenance appointments. This lane is reserved for jobs that shouldn’t take more than thirty minutes. With specific technicians working this lane, the flow of traffic should remain steady, keeping your customers satisfied.

You might also consider offering some type of guarantee. Your customer would be thrilled to get a free oil change if the service took too long. Create a policy and post it proudly, giving your customers clear expectations about how long the express service should take.

4. Pickup & Delivery

If the service is going to take longer than what the express lane can accommodate, why not provide free pickup and delivery services? Sure, there are some logistical factors that you must consider, but the payoff should be worth it.

Which process sounds like one the customer would enjoy more?

Customer A

  • Drive to the dealership service department?
  • Wait for service to be completed (hopefully in a comfortable waiting area)
  • Return back home and continue the day.

Customer B

  • Goes about the day while the dealership picks up the car for service and returns it when it is finished.

Clearly, customer B is going to have the better experience and be less inconvenienced. This customer isn’t going to be tempted to go with another service department as long as needs continue being met.

5. Reduce Survey Length

Even if you create a superior experience during service, you can ruin it all by sending the customer a lengthy feedback survey. Instead, send out a short, to-the-point survey. Consider moving to a two-question format:

  • Who are you?
  • How did service benefit you?

The shorter you keep it, the more responses you will receive. In turn, the more answers you receive, the better prepared you are to serve your clients. Everyone wins.


It doesn’t take a lot of effort to ensure customer satisfaction. Begin implementing these steps to make service more convenient for your customers and you will see profits rise.

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Brian Jones
Brian Jones
Brian Jones is a contributing writer for CBT News. He has worked in the automotive industry for decades as an ASE Certified Master Tech. He lives outside of Dallas, Texas with his family where he enjoys motorsports, pickup trucks, and traveling.

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