#1 thing your sales people are not doing

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Joe Girard, the greatest salesperson in the history of auto sales sold more than 13,000 vehicles in 15 years. It was without email, texting or social media, but he did send out 15,000 pieces of mail every few months.

Recently Joe Gumm sat down with Noel Walsh (a former salesman and current CEO of NW&A Sales Training), to find out how today’s car salesman could achieve these kinds of results even during the current slowdown.

Joe asked Noel the following questions, tune in to find out his answers:

  • What is the #1 thing on average you see car sales people doing or not doing that is detrimental to their performance?
  • How do dealerships prepare for the transition between their online experience to the showroom visit?
  • Recent you had the opportunity to sit down with Joe Girard. What did you learn from him that can be applied to the current sale process?
  • What are 3 thing dealership can improve on in the current slow down?
  • What would you tell dealers about recruiting in the next 5 years?