What women want from your dealership

Women Drivers

Here are 37 items on women’s New Year’s list when it comes to car dealerships, service visits, and features for 2017. Here’s an opportunity to add some new options to market and engage to the growing car drivers and buyers and expand your business. 

At The Dealership

1. Car dealerships that women enjoy visiting —complete with work out facilities, snacks, cappuccinos, and play areas for the kids.

2. A no-games approach to buying a car in a relaxed, zero pressure environment.

3. Child care made available during the test drive and negotiation process.

4. A 3-day return program, which instills a boost of buyer confidence.

5. Sales advisors with high emotional intelligence who have the capacity to recognize buyers’ emotions and guide their behavior accordingly.

6. Privacy when buying a vehicle. Preferably one that doesn’t include old grey cubicles.

7. A warm sales environment with aesthetics including artwork, paint, plants, and graphics portraying a balanced demographic. 

8. A more balanced demographic among sales and service advisors.

9. Current, easy-to-find, authentic reviews showcasing how the dealership interacts with women buyers and clients.

10. Dealers that offer seminars on the latest car technology, insurance savings, mobile apps, and other useful information.

11. Home and workplace test drive delivery.

12. Complimentary child carseat seminars and fittings. Some dealerships have certified car seat installers, which parents find quite helpful and appreciate. Talk about building customer loyalty.

In Vehicle

1. Heated steering wheels and seats.

2. On the flip side: coolant seats for those in warmer climate areas or summer time. 

3. American Family Insurance’s Teen Safe Driver Program installs a camera as a learning tool, as well as a recording and reporting tool for inappropriate or bad driving. Discounts available.

4. Apps to keep in touch with newly driving teenagers.

5. Space for a trashcan.

6. More hands-free, kick-open trunks that allow drivers with loaded arms to open by foot. Or, in some minivans, to kick open the two sliding doors.

7. Waterproof, easy-to-replace, affordable key fobs.

8. Stow and go storage made available in SU’s and CUVs. More than a minivan feature.

9. Automatic headlights that shut off in vehicles to help prevent dead batteries.

10. High beam feature that automatically goes back to low beam when it senses headlights are approaching.

11. Built-in car seats that can be easily “stowed” when an adult needs to sit there.

12. A visor with an extension to flip down so it actually blocks the sun. Some OEMs come close. 

13. Car that doesn’t accidentally lock the driver out of a car – this can very possibly be a dilemma, we know.

14. A Flip switch on side mirrors to reduce bright lights and glare, like the ones on rear view mirror.

In The Service Drive

1. Longer service hours to accommodate working women. 

2. Having a clean, attractive lounge area.

3. Yoga or work out room while waiting for car to be serviced.

4. Free rides to/from work or home. One that will pick you and baby up, with the car seat already installed.

5. Service centers with zero tolerance for patronizing women or any customer.

6. Mobile repair dealership that will come into the community to customers homes to do oil changes, put snow tires on, etc.

7. Service centers with a critical mass of female employees. Many dealers making strides here.

8. Loaner vehicles for women. This is the #1 requested item by women.
9. Kid-friendly play areas, café areas, and wi-fi are all huge perks.

10. A stop-in-anytime pass for free car washes. Great loyalty builder.

11. No unnecessary upselling.