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Why data is key to digital marketing efficiency — Mike Wethington | Outsell

Digital marketing strategies have become a crucial component of running a successful dealership, often meaning the difference between success and failure in today’s technologically advanced world. Unfortunately, the retail automotive sector has only just started to realize that no strategy is useful without the right data, something that the industry has struggled to collect and implement for years.

On this episode of Driving Solutions, host Jim Fitzpatrick is joined by Mike Wethington, founder and CEO of Outsell, a customer engagement platform helping dealers take their digital marketing strategies to the next level. Now, Wethington shares details on the exciting innovations his company is preparing to ensure the retail automotive sector is equipped with the right data and the best insights.

Key Takeaway

1. Both dealers and manufacturers have started to realize the importance of standing out and engaging with customers through effective digital marketing strategies. Unfortunately, the industry is still unprepared to take their plans to the next step through data. To overcome this issue, Outsell is bringing several products to showcase at this year’s NADA Show.

2. Dealers will be able to utilize Outsell’s open-ecosystem platform in conjunction with a wider array of technology vendors. New integrations with partners such as Axiom, Foureyes, and Treasure Data will allow dealers to pull data from a wider variety of sources and receive more accurate insights into buyer journeys.

3. Outsell will also be increasing its support for dealers, adding more staff with higher levels of experience in digital marketing strategies to make sure users have access to the right advice as soon as they see it.

4. Although customer data platforms are crucial tools that help dealers leverage their data properly, Wethington explains that they must be paired with artificial intelligence to predict consumer behavior and generate actionable insights.

5. Whether using artificial intelligence, customer data platforms, or both in their digital marketing strategies, dealers must prioritize efficiency in their operations. Investing in the right technological solutions is the retail automotive sector’s best bet for making processes faster, easier, and more effective.

"All throughout the industry, from the manufacturers all the way through to the dealers, you've gotta become more efficient." — Mike Wethington

To learn more about how Outsell’s game-changing platform can make your dealership more efficient, visit their website or stop by booth #4801W at the 2024 NADA Show.

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Colin Velez
Colin Velez
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