Why auto dealers need a first-party data strategy to entice car buyers

Dealers are leveraging first-party data to entice customers back in as lots are filling back up.

The significance of controlling your dealerships’ first-party data has become one of the main lessons learned over the past two years. This is going to be more and more crucial as we get into 2023 and beyond. On today’s edition of Inside Automotive, Aaron Baldwin, the Chief Product Officer at AutomotiveMastermind Inc., talks about the efforts dealerships need to take to manage their first-party data more effectively.

Baldwin emphasizes that despite the macroeconomic difficulties encountered in 2022, AutomotiveMastermind’s dealer partners made significant profits and continue to do so. However, since brand loyalty is at an all-time low, AutomotiveMastermind is focused on helping dealers engage and maintain customer loyalty, as well as generating an increase in service-drive revenue. 

Baldwin claims, “it is crucial this year to attain customer loyalty.” Dealers must be provided with the tools they need to properly train, manage, and raise awareness of the new market conditions and aid in data security with a new generation of salespeople. Customer data security and compliance are vital concerns that must be addressed by all involved.

AutomotiveMastermind is a quality steward of data in dealerships by helping employees connect with customers and develop campaigns to encourage loyalty. They provide dealers with ways to concentrate on dual-end marketing audiences through their service to sales generators. The target audiences are those who are in the dealer’s area of influence, in the market for services, are brand owners, or are seekers.

AutomotiveMastermind offers three key things to dealers:

1. Proactivity: Spending time at dealerships each month to talk about software and how salespeople sell cars.

2. Business consultations: Find out what can you accomplish on a large scale.

3. Partnership: Advancing open API frameworks and ensuring that the connections and support available are adequate to meet dealer demands.

Dealers are leveraging first-party data to entice customers back in as lots are filling back up. The goal of AutomotiveMastermind is to support dealers in selling smarter. Educating, training, and helping the upcoming generation of salespeople aids in considering multiple different aspects of support to dealers in any environment. 

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