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Where Subscription Services Are Heading – Dale Pollak | Ford’s Co-Op Program Set to Launch Next Month | Gender Wage Gap Will Take 217 Years to Close

Today on – Monday, June 11th, 2018:

Where Subscription Services Are Heading – Dale Pollak
CBT Automotive is joined again by industry leader Dale Pollak to talk about the highly anticipated launch of vehicles subscription in the automotive industry and lean what he believes we will see in the future with the business model. Watch Now

3 Ways to Help Your Veteran F&I Managers Embrace the Future
F&I managers that have been in the business for years have a lot of valuable sales experience under their belts. But the industry is moving to an increased reliance on digital platforms to sell product and qualify buyers, social media involvement, and a greater level of engagement on the sales floor. Your vets have to get on board and understand that their years of experience can only strengthen that shift to the future. They just need a little nudge in the right direction as we all do from time to time. Read More

How to Effectively Abandon Logic to Boost Management Performance
When it comes to marketing, there are many ingrained rules that people and management follow. We’re all familiar with the real estate motto, “Location, location, location,” as well as the golden principle of sales, “the customer is always right.” For the most part, we follow these assertions because they make logical sense. In fact, sales are generally a realm of logic. While there is a nod to the human element, the reality is even when interacting with people, dealerships rely much more heavily on logic than one might think. Read More

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