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Where service sales should focus as winter digs in

If it’s time for it a part to be replaced, offer some deals to make it worth the customer’s time.

With winter bearing down on us, it’s time to consider how your service department can meet the needs of drivers in your area. Aside from following the recommended maintenance schedule, there are other services you should be pushing right now. Here are a few services that you should focus on and consider offering specials for.

Battery Check

Without a well-running battery, the engine won’t start, leaving drivers stranded when temperatures drop their lowest. While it’s important to check the battery condition several times each year, it’s most important during winter. A weak battery is going to struggle even more as frigid temperatures set in.

Offer to inspect the battery as part of any regular service. If it’s time for it to be replaced, offer some deals to make it worth the customer’s time.

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Tire Check & Swap

serviceFree tire checks should be offered with every service appointment. This is a critical time to ensure that the tire tread level is optimal and each tire is filled with the right amount of air. In some regions, it might also be necessary to swap out a standard set for snow tires.

With nearly 58% of drivers never using snow tires, this is a service that should be pushed. Many of the traditional tires won’t provide enough traction to deal with slippery conditions, and it’s your job to ensure the customer understands that. Now is the perfect time to offer a snow tire sale, maybe Buy 3 Get 1 Free.

Winter Preparedness Kits

You can gain more revenue in the service department without performing any extra work. By putting together winter preparedness kits in your spare time, you can meet a need and increase sales. Whether you sell the kits individually or you offer them as a bonus for winter service appointments, you are sure to increase traffic in the dealership.

Put together the best tools for winter weather, such as an emergency blanket, ice scraper, flares, flashlight, energy bars and warm socks. Not only will this gesture show how much you care about your clients, but it will also set you apart from the competition.

Create a Winter Service Special

It isn’t difficult to increase the bottom line of your service department if you put a little creativity into your efforts. By creating a special winter service package, you can appeal to more customers and provide them with a better value. As part of this service special, consider offering the following:

  • Oil Change: By ensuring the oil and filter are clean, you help keep the engine in good running order this winter. Many customers are already going to visit for the regular oil change, making this a great selling feature.
  • Tire Rotation/Check: It’s important to keep the tires in good shape for the slicker roads ahead. Whether they need to simply be rotated or it’s time to install snow tires, these options can be added to your package.
  • Multi-Point Inspection: With an inspection, you can ensure all of the fluids are topped off, the brakes are ready for slippery surfaces and there are no other problems that should be dealt with.
  • Car Wash: Get the vehicle ready for road grime with a sparkly finish.

To offer even more variety for customers, consider offering several packages ranging from a budget option to all of the bells and whistles. These packages offer the chance for you to reach out to your clientele and stay in front of them with email or text messaging marketing. Remember to keep the experience personalized for the best response.

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Brian Jones
Brian Jones
Brian Jones is a contributing writer for CBT News. He has worked in the automotive industry for decades as an ASE Certified Master Tech. He lives outside of Dallas, Texas with his family where he enjoys motorsports, pickup trucks, and traveling.

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