Use New Car Tech to Sell Vehicles and Sell the Savings

new car tech

A Chinese battery developer recently announced an EV battery designed to last a million miles. Integration of vehicle-to-everything (V2X) networks and in-vehicle technology is expected to advance safety tech in cars in the coming years. Advances in auto technology such as these are a regular occurrence in the news today. But for an average salesperson, this ‘futuristic’ tech doesn’t play as much of a role in the sales process as it could.

19 of 20 car shoppers use the internet to research their vehicle choices according to a Think With Google report. Cox Automotive’s 2019 Car Buyer Journey Study indicates that car shoppers spend around 14 hours online looking up information and options. Car shoppers are educated but only one in three knows for certain which car they want to buy.

The technology in a car offers a salesperson the opportunity to sell themselves as an expert along with the vehicle as an intelligent choice. Here are tips to help salespeople use forward-thinking technology to make sales.  

Teach the Customer, Take the Authority

It’s simple for the 33 percent of customers who know what they want – take their order. But for the other two-thirds, the well-read customer arrives to explore their options, feeling like an expert on the subject. Retaining gross profit is all about controlling the conversation, and that requires a proactive approach based on being seen as the authority on the vehicle. new car tech

For example, a customer will often know which tech features a car has – forward collision warning, app-based remote start, and adaptive cruise control, for example. But what they often don’t know is how it works. A salesperson can take control of the conversation by explaining how it functions and, most of all, demonstrating the features in person.

This allows the salesperson to assume the role of the expert rather than a peer, taking the reins of the conversation. The customer is also going to feel more comfortable when the salesperson can add extra value to the walkaround. 

Show them Savings

New car tech is attractive to people who want the best bells and whistles, where it’s an easy sell. But for the logical thinkers, tech often seems like an added expense. An approach that can convert prospects to buyers is to show that technology can actually save money. 

Safe Driving Discounts

Safe driving discounts can be a significant portion of a car insurance policy. For example, Geico offers up to 15 percent discount for driving a car 3 years old or newer, and drivers can receive up to 26 percent off for driving claims-free.

Costs Over and Above an Accident

Safety tech like ADAS systems can save customers the heartache and the costs associated with an accident. Even assuming the driver is insured, an at-fault collision will cost the driver their deductible along with rental car expenses (even if the base rate is covered by insurance) and any depreciation. That’s not including any lost work in the process. Accident-preventing tech like forward collision warning is an easy sell logically, especially for shoppers who have written off a car. 

Fuel Savings

Upcoming V2X tech focuses on reducing traffic congestion and idle times. In smart cities, their car will help them to save fuel by shortening their commute time using the car’s built-in tech to relate to other cars and infrastructure. This might not seem like an important detail right now, but gas prices will rise once again and while fuel consumption ratings don’t factor this in, it will make a tangible difference to drivers.

It benefits salespeople to understand the tech features in a car beyond the high-level brochure explanation. Encourage your team to explore the vehicles that arrive and get comfortable using the features in person. As well, encourage them to know what tech the manufacturer is bringing down the line.

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