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U.S. Senate candidate Bernie Moreno on economic, social policies and electric vehicles

Welcome to another edition of the CBT News original series Inside Automotive. Today, we’re joined by United States Senate candidate and former dealer principal, Bernie Moreno.

In 2005, Moreno invested all of his money to acquire his first car dealership, eventually building a group with 15 successful dealerships over 12 years. Embracing blockchain technology early in 2016, he also co-founded ChampTitles in 2018, a company revolutionizing title issuance, and successfully led it as Chairman before selling his stake. After a prosperous career in retail automotive, Moreno sold most of his business to dedicate himself to politics and preserving the American dream for future generations.

Key takeaways:

1. Moreno first reflects on his experience in the automotive industry, emphasizing the need for industry representation in the Senate. He voices his opinion against government mandates for electric vehicles, advocating for market-driven decisions and a pause on government incentives and mandates.

2. Moreno then highlights the support he has received. So far, he has 35 national endorsements, including the likes of Senators JD Vance (R-OH) and Mike Lee (R-UT). He also has over 500 additional endorsements from every corner of Ohio. He emphasizes the importance of grassroots support and discusses his extensive engagement with voters.

3. Moreno criticizes the level of government spending under the Biden administration, particularly highlighting the $25 trillion spent in recent years and the significant increase in national debt. He expresses concern about the impact of this spending on inflation and the economic burden it places on working-class Americans. Moreno advocates for a significant reduction in federal debt, emphasizing the need for both Republicans and Democrats in the Senate and House to control government spending more effectively.

4. Moreno argues that the fed plays too large a role in education, suggesting that the Department of Education should be abolished. He believes that control over education should be decentralized, giving more power to parents and local communities. Moreno’s vision includes a focus on improving the quality of education by reducing federal involvement and encouraging local solutions tailored to community needs.

5.  As an immigrant himself (Moreno was born in Bogota, Colombia. At age five, he moved to the United States with his family and became an American citizen at age 18), Moreno stresses the importance of legal immigration and expresses strong opposition to illegal immigration. He advocates for a zero-tolerance policy towards illegal immigration, suggesting that individuals who are in the U.S. illegally should be deported.

6. While not anti-union, Moreno expresses concerns about some union demands, particularly in the auto industry. He emphasizes the need for a balance between union demands and the realities of a global economic environment.

7. Moreno expresses strong support for Israel, describing it as America’s greatest ally in the world. He views the conflict between Israel and Hamas as a critical issue, advocating for decisive action against Hamas and similar groups. Moreno suggests that the U.S. should stand firmly with Israel, implying that an attack on Israel should be viewed as an attack on the United States.

8. He further discusses the Supreme Court’s decision to leave abortion laws to individual states. He agrees with the decision, stating that it correctly places the matter within the jurisdiction of the states rather than at the federal level. As a pro-life advocate and a Catholic, he expresses his personal belief that life begins at conception, but also recognizes that not everyone shares this view.

Learn more about Bernie Moreno’s campaign at or email him at

"What I hear from everyday Americans is that they feel like we have a political class in this country that has sold out the country; that they've made enormous wealth for themselves. They haven't been looking out for America or Americans, and they're sick of it." — Bernie Moreno

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