Toyota announced late last week that it would recall 2,700 of its first electric vehicles (EVs) that were mass-produced for the international market due to the possibility that the wheels could detach.

The bZ4X SUV recall was reported to Japan’s transportation ministry by Toyota. According to the carmaker, 2,200 of the 2,700 automobiles affected are in Europe, 260 in the United States, 10 in Canada, and 110 in Japan.

A Toyota representative declined to disclose the total number of models it had produced but noted that not all were included in the recall.

Subaru’s first all-electric car, The Solterra, built in collaboration with Toyota, is being recalled internationally for the same issue.

Some investors and environmental organizations have criticized Toyota for not moving swiftly enough to phase out gasoline-powered automobiles and adopt EVs in their place.

The business has consistently pushed back against criticism, stating that providing a choice of powertrains to cater to various markets and customers is essential.

According to industry data, gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles continue to be far more popular than EVs in Toyota’s home market.

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