Expertise: 7 factors that can Tip the Scales



On today’s Tip of the Day, Jonathan Dawson continues his Tipping the Scales series with Expertise, the idea that a person can develop trust in you because of your experience. Jonathan reviews what not to do and say when you want to instill confidence in your customers.


Video Transcription:

Our Tip of the Day comes from Jonathan Dawson.

We’re talking about the seven factors that can tip the scales in your favor. Today we’re talking about expertise. Expertise is the idea that a person can trust you because of your unique knowledge or specific knowledge in an area. When you’re an expert, you’re someone that the marketplace trusts. And people will not always choose to business with you but will be willing to pay a premium to work with an expert.

I see salespeople all the time diminishing their expertise with their clients. They say things like, I don’t know, I have to go check. You know, I have to talk to my manager about this. That’s not my department. And whenever a customer asks you a question, and you respond like that, you diminish your expertise. Instead, replace him with phrases that insert confidence to the buyer. That’s my area of specialty. Or, I’ve got seven years of experience helping customers. I’m master certified in my product, I would be happy to answer that question for you. If you can transfer expertise to the client then they will experience trust in doing business with you.

Now, maybe you’re new, and you don’t have that yet. If you don’t have it, use the language of we instead of I. You know folks, we have 40 years’ experience serving customers just like you. Or say, my management has a collective 80 years’ experience solving problems like the one you just described.  We are committed to helping customers solve their goals. When you use the language of we, you transfer the corporate credibility to the client. And elevate your expertise. Increase the customer confidence, transfer the trust. Customers would rather do business with somebody that they know is an expert. I’m Jonathan Dawson this is your CBT News sales Tip of the Day.