Are Your Facebook Ads Clean?


Are your Facebook ads clean? What does that even mean? On today’s Tip of the Day, Glenn Pasch explains why images are important and why you need to make sure your images lead consumers to a clean landing page.


You’ve heard about Facebook ads, how they’re one of the newest ways, one of the most economical ways for you to advertise to potential customers. You’re also hearing a lot of people talk about clean ads. Well, what does it mean to have clean ads? Well, on Facebook, you need to really rely on images. 80/20, 20% of your ad is the maximum amount of text you can have. We want to really rely on an image to grab their attention.

The big tip is going to be is where you’re sending your customers. Make sure that when they click on that ad, you know where they’re going. Have a very clean landing page that mimics the ad, that delivers all of the information that’s going to inspire them to do what you want. Reach out for a phone call, fill out a form, or just engage with your brand.

Remember, when you’re doing these clean ads, match it with a clean landing page, follow that journey, don’t put any obstacles in the way between your customers and your products and your services.

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