Getting Out of a Rut

Tip of the Day

In a rut? It happens to the best of us. Forget about why you’re in it. Mark gives you three simple steps to get out of the rut.  


Mark Tewart: Today, I want you to focus on how you can get out of that rut. Some of you are in a rut right now and what I know, a rut is nothing more than a grave with the ends kicked out. That’s only if you allow it to be.

Two things I want you to do today. Number one, I want you to focus on your strengths, not your weakness. You can grow your strengths. If you’re really good in front of people, go out and get face to face, nose to nose, toes to toes with customers. Even if you’ve got a prospect outside of the dealership. If you’re really good on the phone, work the phones. Make the call, stand up, give them the energy that you know that you have to. That’s what I want you to focus on. Where is your strength?

And number two, simple thing, go back to the basics. Whatever it is you’ve learned and whether it’s a road to the sale presentation or what you have to do when you’re doing that, you know what the basics are. Sometimes when you’re trying to overdo things, you skip the basics. If you’re in a rut, always go back to the basics. Keep the main thing, the main thing.

And I told you too, I’m going to add one more as a bonus. Slow down. What I have found in my life, if I’m not getting the results I want in sales or anywhere in my life, it’s because I’m probably moving just a little too fast. Slow down. My best Tip of the Day on CBT news.