Muscle Memory Management | David Lewis


How is your muscle memory management? David Lewis of David Lewis & Associates shows you how constant role-playing (with MMM) will benefit your sales, the way certain NBA players practice their shots over and over and over, in Today’s Tip of the Day on CBT News


Hello everybody, David Lewis here with your sales tip of the day.

Today I want to talk to you about preparation. You know, I was very lucky as a kid. I got to grow up in Boston and as a kid, my dad would take me to see Larry Bird play basketball for the Boston Celtics a couple of times a year. And always at the end of the game, Larry Bird would win the game at the buzzer with a shot from the key. Well, you know what, everyone would leave the stadium, great moods. My dad would say, nope, we’re going to stick around and wait. And you know what? About a half an hour later, back out came Larry Bird and he would find a spot on the court around the key and he would stand there and he would shoot another 50 balls over and over and over again from that exact same spot.

You see, what he was doing is creating something called muscle memory management. He knew that when he was in that spot, his muscles knew exactly what to do to make the shot and it was always the game-winning shot. That’s what you need to do. You need to focus on muscle memory management. How do you do that? Practice and role play, over and over and over again. Take one topic, take an objection … the payment’s too high … write out a response and write it out every day over and over and over again. For the first five days copy it from one piece of paper to another and then the next five days don’t copy it, write it down and then check it over.

I guarantee you, if you do that every day for 30 days you’re going to create muscle memory management and the best part of all is at the end of 30 days, your response will be better than it was at the beginning of the month because you kept redefining it and redefining it. That’s preparation. That’s muscle memory management. Give it a try, you’re going to be very glad you did.

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