How to Get Accurate Dealer Website Analytics Reports

Is there a large discrepancy between your website analytic reports and Google analytics? Brian explains the impact and how to correct it.



Video Transcription

Our Tip of the Day comes from Brian Pasch.

Have you ever been frustrated that your website analytics reports don’t match Google Analytics? One thing you may want to look into is whether or not you’re blocking your internal IP addresses. Every day your employees are on your website helping consumers or doing searches while they’re on the phone. And that traffic should be blocked from Google Analytics because it skews your reports. Most website platforms providers know the IP address of your dealership and block that traffic from their reports.

So if there is a large discrepancy, thousands of visits per month — from your website analytics to your Google Analytics — please check and see if your blocking internal IP addresses. This way your reports can be more accurate and reflect the true, new shoppers that are coming to your website each month.

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