Elevate the Car Buying Experience to Get the Premium Dollar



What would cause a customer to not only choose to do business with you, but to pay a premium to do so?  According to Jonathan, you can influence customers through the unique experience you offer.


Video Transcription

Our Tip of the Day comes from Jonathan Dawson.

As a sales professional, you are always looking for a way to give yourself the unique and competitive advantage.

So you want to know, how can I tip the scales in my favor. We’ve been discussing the seven factors (Effort, Experience, Efficiency, Ease, Entertainment, Excellence, Exclusive) that influence and impact our customer’s decision to do business with you, and to pay a premium. In this segment we will be discussing the influence called experience.

Think about in your own personal life? When have you paid a premium because you got a premium experience? It could be at a sporting event, it could be at a concert, even going to the movies or a great restaurant.

When you have a unique experience you pay a premium. You need to figure out, “how can I out experience my competition?”

Let me share with you a few examples of my students.

Now you may be currently offering your customers a beverage when they arrive at the dealership.

One of my students has frosted mugs in the freezer in the breakroom. When he offers a soda he doesn’t just bring a beverage, he brings them a frosted mug soda. That adds to the experience the customer has. The same is true of the test drive. I have salespeople who literally do selfies on the test drive while they’re with the customer. They’re videotaping the experience of the drive. Going Facebook live while they’re on the demo drive. Some of my students even do karaoke test drives where they’re singing along with the customer while they are on the demonstration.

Ask yourself a simple question, how can I out experience my competition?

What can I do to elevate the experience the customer has?

Can I help them create a story while I am helping them buy a car?

If you can elevate the experience, your customer will not only choose you, but they’ll choose to pay a premium. We do it all the time. You’re no different.

Here’s what I would like for you to do. If you like the seven factors that can influence and tip the scales in your favor, then use the search feature and search for it, tipping the scales to see the rest of the series.

I’m Jim Dawson with your CBT News Tip of the Day.

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