Top Reasons to Work in Automotive Retail

automotive industry

Automotive dealerships and its dealers are the links to the automotive manufacturers and their consumers. If you have a true appreciation for cars, then it makes sense for you to work at a dealership. It allows you to be close to your passion, while still making money. When you truly like something, you’re better inclined to sell products to your customers.

Regardless of whether you are an automotive veteran or you have no experience with cars, there will be something for you in the automotive industry. From the front of the house to service technicians at dealerships, there is a wide variety of roles available for you to start your career in the automotive industry.

The automotive industry is also known for its lucrative wages and/or commission structures. But, it would be amiss if we rebut some of the stereotypes surrounding salespeople and/or dealerships.

  1. Dishonest Salespeople

We would be lying if we said that there were no dealers or salespeople that were dishonest. However, there are just as many (if not more) honest dealers that are honest and compassionate with their customers. Many of the dishonest workers will not stick around with one dealer because of a lack of sales. The honest ones, however, will end up sticking around for a lot longer. They will have customers that are continually coming back to do business with them.

  1. Cannot Be Trusted

Many love to think that this is true, but in most cases, it’s actually not. As we mentioned before, there are some ‘bad apples’ in the business, but that happens in every industry. Most dealerships realize that an unhappy customer and/or employee is bad for business. With the internet, this has never been more evident.

  1. Master Manipulators

Many consumers don’t realize that they have the ultimate power when they are at the dealership. If you are not being offered a fair price or being treated unfairly, then simply walk away. The good salespeople will firstly not be treating you unfairly and secondly, they will push to offer you a better deal.

As with any other industry, there are some singularities that will treat you poorly, but the majority of dealerships will be fair and welcoming to newcomers. So, if you’re honest and have a true appreciation for the cars that you work with, you can be part of the change in the automotive industry.

With that out of the way, we can get into the top reasons why you should work in the automotive retail industry.

automotive industry

  1. Stability

After the recession, there were many layoffs and slowdowns, including in the automotive industry. So, just like many other industries, this meant that it was a risky place to work.

However, since then, there have been many changes continuously happening within the industry. It now provides a very secure environment to work in. So, it is the perfect time to move into or be in the industry currently. Many job roles within the industry, everything from salespeople to technicians,  are getting in high demand.

  1. Technology

The automotive industry is at the forefront of all the latest technological advancements. There is always a constant search for new and fresh ideas to make vehicles even better. Manufacturers are not scared of investing large amounts of money into the research and development departments to find new technologies.

By 2020, it’s expected that the advancements in technology and growing digitization will increase investments in the automotive industry to $82 billion. Some examples of the future advancements, some of which have already started, include:

  • There will be more digital sources in the buying process
  • Autonomous driving
  • Improved manufacturing
  • Connected supply chain
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Mobility as a Service (MaaS)
  • Data protection and security
  1. Wide Variety Of Roles

The best part of working in the automotive industry is the wide range of roles available to you. Thus, providing you with a diverse range that allows dealerships with the opportunity to hire individuals with a wide range of skillsets.

So, whether your skills are in Bodyshop, Workshop, Accounts, or Sales, there are plenty of options available to you to go under. This simply means that the industry is great for attracting diverse people into the dealership. That helps to make the dynamic of the dealership more interesting with a vast range of people.

With this range of roles and people, you also create a mix of experience and knowledge levels. Industry-specific roles, such as those of technician, will mean that you’ll go through an apprenticeship. This means that they gain knowledge and skills during this period, which helps to make the transition into a dealership more smooth.

On the other hand, if you’re starting as a Sales Executive, then dealerships will require that you have some sort of previous experience in the industry. Larger dealerships tend to have learning academy facilities where you start as a trainee and then move up as you develop your skills.

  1. Try Out Demo Cars

You’ll be one of the first people to see a new car that hasn’t yet been released to the public. Depending on the dealership, you might even get to drive a demo car. If you’re a car aficionado, then you’ll relish in this opportunity.

  1. Possible Of Six Figure Earnings

In certain states and dealerships, you have the opportunity to earn six figures. For example, the average earnings of a McLaren dealership in New Jersy are $285,000 annually. That specific dealership has been in business for fifteen years. Another example is a Ford dealership in Texas whose salespeople average with around $100,000 annually. That specific dealership has been in business for three years.

To sum up, here are a few additional pros to show you why you should work in the automotive industry.

  • You determine how much money you make as many dealerships are still on a commission based pay. As well as the additional bonuses.
  • Workday is long but goes by quickly when you are working with customers, delivering cars, and selling cars.
  • A varied schedule which helps to avoid being bored due to having a repetitive schedule.
  • You don’t need to work physically hard, as you’re mainly working with pen and words – through this does depend on your role.
  • Rewarding to convince customers to purchase cars
  • Get to meet new people every day – helps to build a good contact list.
  • Dealerships generally provide good sales training and sales tips to become a better salesperson.

The automotive industry is a great place to continually grow your career. It offers a lot of opportunities for you to grow, earn more money, and gain a higher position. These opportunities can be seen across the board within the industry.