Tips and practices to connect with mobile shoppers more effectively

The age of mobile is no longer around the corner – it’s here! 50 percent of your potential customers are using mobile devices to shop for their next vehicle. So how’s your mobile marketing strategy? It should include ways to connect with and convert mobile users as they engage in these five key shopping behaviors:

1. Car shopping: A recent study shows 79 percent of mobile users are shopping, so make sure your mobile website provides info on pricing, rebates, and other special offers. The more activities mobile shoppers can do on your site, the more time they will spend there.

2. Viewing inventory: Make sure your VDP’s are optimized!

3. Ad clicks: Give your shoppers a specific reason to click through.

4. Submitting leads: There has been a rapid growth in mobile lead submissions, and data shows that these mobile leads close at better rates than traditional leads.

5. Viewing pages: Ensure that all relevant information and calls to action on your mobile pages are above the fold so mobile users don’t have to scroll down to find what they’re looking for.

Make it easy for shoppers to connect and engage with your dealership. By doing so, you can easily convert these serious shoppers into leads and sales!