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Roger Love

3 proven and time-tested tips to get the most out of...

On the latest edition of Straight to the Point, host Frank J. Lopes asks the question, are you prepared for 'Golden Week?' The holiday season is...
loyalty marketing program

Key components your dealership needs for a robust digital marketing strategy

On the latest episode of Kain and Co., host David Kain, president of Kain Automotive, explains how to make plans for digital marketing strategy as you...
marketing used cars

Are certain metrics throwing off your used car and lead management...

Welcome to this week’s episode of Used Cars Weekly, the original CBT News show dedicated to bringing car dealers best practices and tips for the...

Asking better questions equals better leadership

Developing the skill of asking high-quality questions derives from being genuinely curious in what the other person is saying.  The more engaged you are...
lead generation

Lead Generation Equals Dollar Creation

On this week's episode of On the Mark, Mark Tewart talks about how to create more leads, navigating marketing channels as a dealer or...

Why the Phone is Your Greatest Weapon in Business

We all know that the Internet connects everyone on this planet instantaneously. Social media like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn are being used...

Want More Leads? Give Your Guests a Nudge

Over the past two years I have heard consistently from dealers that their websites are less productive than they used to be.  There are...
phone calls

Phone Calls: The Good, the Bad, and the Exceptional

Competition is heating up.  Shoppers are more informed than ever.  Margins are shrinking. Amid the challenges and chaos of a modern dealership, one thing remains...

How To Get The Most Out Of Google My Business

If you’ve ever listed your dealership on Maps, Places, or Google+, you’ll know the power that each of those tools can hold. They have...
Sales Email Lead Program

GM Launches Dealer Sales Email Lead Program

GM Launches Dealer Sales Email Lead ProgramOn April, 9, 2018, GM launched the Dealer Sales Email Lead Program aimed at decreasing dealer response times...