Are auto technicians happy with their jobs? Not for the most part. A recent survey shows that automotive service technicians rate their average career happiness at three out of five stars, leaving them in the bottom 31% of all careers. Let’s face it – the life of an auto technician is anything but glamorous. Long hours, abuse to the body, and low pay can make any auto technician unhappy.

To improve auto technician morale, which turns into a better customer experience, you must be willing to take actionable steps. We cover three ways to improve tech satisfaction to keep your team motivated and efficient.

Raise Pay Rates

While money isn’t the only determining factor to happiness, a higher pay rate will make it easier to retain your auto technicians. When your auto techs can’t pay their monthly bills, they are bound to become dissatisfied, leading them to perform poorly.

Your pay scale should be relative to the average mechanics salary for your area, but it doesn’t hurt to go a little higher. Additionally, all employees should have access to a competitive benefits package that other dealerships aren’t offering.

Set up a time to evaluate pay rates and discuss your objectives with the auto technicians. They should know that you are willing to reward their hard work. You might even consider giving out some bonuses as your budget permits.

Give Out Occasional Extras

While the regular pay should be priority number one, you don’t have to solely focus on that form of compensation. Hosting an after-hours family event is a great way to say thank you to your hard-working team. During these events, technicians build a stronger bond, tying them even tighter into your dealership.

Additionally, allowing the team to bring their loved ones creates a better home environment for your workers. The family can see the bigger picture, making it easier for them to support their partner’s career choice.

From time to time, you might also choose to give away some gift cards or another present to an employee of the month or a top performer. Look for local restaurants to support, thereby creating a relationship that might benefit your dealership in the future.

Focus on Everyday Motivation

Auto technicians want to come to a working environment where they are valued every day. While you can’t stand next to them all day cheering them on, there are daily ways to show you care. Start the day off occasionally with some coffee and donuts brought in from a local bakery. You can enjoy the impromptu breakfast with a little pep talk or a quick meeting asking if anyone has any concerns. By spending a few minutes with the team, you show that you are available for support and that you care about employee satisfaction.

When your auto technicians get the attention and support they deserve, they aren’t just less likely to go looking for a job elsewhere. They will outperform other auto technicians and create a peaceful working environment that ultimately improves customer satisfaction. That in itself is worth a few donuts occasionally.

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