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The last mile is where cars are sold

Using a tool that provides flexibility to your Team and Process, will better help your Dealership/s streamline the Last Mile, resulting in more deals.

If you’re a Dealer, whether you’re headed to NADA or not, you’re being bombarded with emails from vendors about improving the Customer Experience (CX); from Customer Data Platforms to chat bots and connected retail experiences, they all want to talk to you about the same thing—CX.

While these solutions can be powerful, you already have the ultimate weapon necessary to provide an exceptional experience to your Customers—your People.

The fastest way to improve CX is by focusing on the Dealership Experience (DX) itself. What your People do and say (AKA your Process) is what’ll make or break the CX.

Nowhere is this more true than at the Last Mile of the sale. So while most Digital Retailing tools are scrambling to connect Online to In-Store experiences in ways that may well not match the Process you know works, isn’t it time to focus on what matters most?

From 2021 through 2022, cars practically sold themselves. In those two years, how many people have you hired? Are you actually confident that they know how to sell cars? Do you have software that enables your people to sell cars your way? Maybe you do…if so, fantastic. If not, let’s get into it.

Automotive Software over-indexes on CX, when DX is what drives overall Customer Satisfaction. There’s a symbiotic relationship between DX and CX. Therefore, it’s critical to partner with a vendor that recognizes this relationship; any improvement or deterioration in DX has a direct impact on CX, and vice versa.

So, what should a Dealer do?

Leverage software that systematizes your process

Systematizing your process allows you to better measure and compare people, while continuously improving your Dealership and Customer Experience.

Now that business is becoming more competitive, having a platform that provides real-time insight into your Store and People is critical.

Ideally, you’d use technology that:

  • mirrors your Training and Process
  • enables you to measure the effectiveness of your Training and Process in real-time
  • helps improve and evolve your Process through proven Training methodologies
  • adapts quickly with your evolving needs

Build capacity in-store

Regardless of your selling strategy, it’s important to minimize your single-point-of-failure risk by training your people to be more cross-functional, and use software that supports that flexibility.

We’ve all seen how companies are completing layoffs and asking their employees to do more with less. This is only possible with the right software and training to enable your people to help wherever needed.

You need software that makes the sale easier for your people in order to increase your close rate. Ideally, the software would help your people:

  • observe live Customer progress with information that complements CRM data
  • seamlessly pick up where the Customer left off In-Store or Remotely
  • present the Customer with a consistent journey, whether Online, In-Store, or Remotely via video conferencing

Focus on the last mile

Digital Retailing commonly creates a bottleneck in the F&I office, one of the most critical steps in the sale. Most tools aren’t robust enough to Desk and Contract in the same system, requiring Managers to flip back and forth between tools/browser tabs.

Using a tool that provides flexibility to your Team and Process, will better help your Dealership/s streamline the Last Mile, resulting in more deals and an improved DX/CX.

A typical Menu is segmented from the rest of the Customer Journey and designed for highly-skilled staff. By using a flexible and easy-to-use Menu, you can better leverage your People to help wherever needed.

Use real-time management

Opportunities are fleeting. A delayed response significantly reduces chances of success. Real-Time Management is about acting now, not later today or tomorrow.

Real-Time Management is taking real-time data and translating that into a way to proactively, rather than reactively, help your Customers.

Acting the moment an opportunity presents itself, as opposed to after the fact, is where success lives.


The best outcomes occur when Managers have full visibility into their Process, People, and Customers, and use that information to direct their Team/s to better help Customers. You already have what’s needed to succeed—your People.

You need a Platform that systematizes your Process, minimizes your single-point-of-failure risk, enables your People to be more cross-functional, and provides your Management with real-time insight. You need a Platform that improves the most important obstacle—the Last Mile.

About A2Z

At A2Z Sync, we help you and your people achieve optimal results by providing a platform that adapts to your process and selling style, while providing your people with real-time insight.

Our Dealership Experience Platform (DXPTM) enables Real-Time Management your way.

Swing by Booth #6448 at NADA in Dallas to see how A2Z and DXPTM can help you and your people win.

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Natalia Giner and Matt Packer
Natalia Giner and Matt Packer
Natalia Giner is the CEO of A2Z Sync, and Matt Packer serves as CTO. Natalia brings 20 years of automotive experience to A2Z Sync, with her primary focus of creating a game-changing, customer-centric experience. Over the past three years, she led the team that built the A2Z platform from scratch and successfully oversaw many dealer transitions to the One-Person Sales Model. Matt leads the Engineering department, and has worked as a Product Manager and a Software Engineer, at A2Z Sync. Before joining A2Z Sync, he was a Co-Founder at Nohtbook, where he designed, built, and launched an unobtrusive messaging app for iPhone.

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