The Importance of Investing in Your Salespeople – David Lewis


CBT Automotive welcomes back David Lewis, Trainer and CEO of David Lewis & Associates. In this segment Jim and David discuss how the habits of the modern-day car shopper has changed and the importance of training for your employees.

Jim leads off the conversation by asking David his thoughts on the lack of efforts when it comes to sales training, and brings attention to how dealers are not spending as much time, money or resources to ensure their sales associates are being provided proper training. His response, “Fire your salespeople and set up kiosks”. As David is kidding, he does raise a valid point and reminds the network that people still want to buy cars from people.

David continues and explains how training is just as important, if not more, then advertising online. He says, “Listen, over the years we’ve learned to adapt to the customer. Years ago we always said the customer had to adapt to us. Now we’re adapting to them through their modes of shopping, and the internet is the key way to do it. But they’re not making that final decision over the internet. What they’re doing is deciding what car they like. Now the question is, who are they going to buy it from? Because Jim, you and I both know that I could get someone to the dealership, but if they don’t like that salesperson, they’re not buying that car today.”

David reminds us of something that NADA has said for years. According to his source, 75% of the people buy something different than what they came in looking for. This is important to remember and proves David’s view even truer. Dishing up the right technology to boost your presences online is important and does deserve focus, but again, so is providing the right tools your sales team needs to accommodate every customer and close a deal.