The 7 Most Important Words To Closing The Deal

closing the deal

David Lewis of David Lewis & Associates gives you the 7 most important words to closing the deal and tells you why you should be asking customers to buy the car at the end of your sales process in today’s Tip of The Day.


Alright, it’s time for our tip of the day. It’s sponsored by EasyCare. It comes from David Lewis.

I have a tip for you today that I promise if you do on a regular basis, you will see an increase in sales and an increase in growth. Most of you think you’re already doing this, but I bet you’re not. Here’s my tip. At the end of the process, when you’re negotiating and you’ve presented your numbers, ask people to buy the car.

Don’t ask them, “Which option works best for you?” Don’t ask them, “Whose name do you want it registered and titled in?” Don’t take the approach of just being silent, hoping they’ll say the right things. Here’s what I want you to do. I call this the seven most important words to closing the deal. Present your numbers, look them straight in the face, and ask, “Would you like to buy the car?” Then shut up. You’re gonna be amazed. What’s ironic is that you’re gonna find that some people are just going to say, “You know what? Yes, we would.” That’s your tip of the day.

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