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Tekion CEO Jay Vijayan emphasizes cybersecurity vigilance and customer trust amid industry cyberattacks

Just last week, cyberattacks at retail technology and software provider CDK Global impacted thousands of dealerships across the country. Today we’re joined by Jay Vijayan, founder and CEO of Tekion, one of the other leading providers of technology and software services in the automotive community. 


  • The interview with Tekion’s CEO, Jay Vijayan, sheds light on crucial insights regarding cybersecurity challenges in the automotive technology sector. Vijayan underscores the paramount importance of maintaining constant vigilance, and Tekion’s proactive measures, including substantial investments in security, privacy, and compliance certifications, such as SOC1, SOC2, and ISO, to fortify their systems against potential breaches, are a testament to their commitment to cybersecurity.
  • Moreover, Vijayan emphasizes the significance of transparent communication with clients regarding cybersecurity measures. He discusses Tekion’s strategy of sharing detailed information through their trust URL, addressing client inquiries, and even handling potential transitions due to security concerns. This open and transparent approach to communication is a key pillar in Tekion’s strategy, building and maintaining trust with clients and ensuring business continuity in the automotive technology sector.
  • Furthermore, the interview delves into dealerships’ resilience amidst cyberattacks, showcasing their ability to adapt, create new processes, and sustain business operations despite disruptions. Vijayan advocates for implementing best practices, establishing backup systems, and focusing on core business functions like selling and servicing cars to effectively manage and mitigate the impact of cyber threats on the industry.
Check out our full coverage of the CDK cyberattack here.
"Maintaining constant vigilance, proactive measures, and ongoing updates are paramount in tackling evolving cyber threats effectively." - Jay Vijayan

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