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Cyberattacks highlight critical need for robust cybersecurity in auto industry – Steve Greenfield

As the restoration process begins at CDK Global, what could these cyberattacks mean for the industry moving forward? Steve Greenfield, the CEO and founder of Automotive Ventures and Host of the Future of Automotive, is here on CBT News to give his perspective.


  • Steve Greenfield highlighted the significant impact of the recent cyber attacks on CDK Global. He noted that these attacks underscore the critical importance of Dealer Management Systems (DMS) in the automotive sector. The fallout from these attacks could take months to resolve, involving extensive finger-pointing and potential lawsuits. The incident revealed vulnerabilities within the industry and might delay CDK’s plans to go public or sell the company.
  • Dealers have shown resilience and creativity in responding to the disruptions caused by the cyberattacks. Greenfield noted that many dealers adapted using manual processes like Excel spreadsheets to continue operations. Despite these efforts, sales and financial performance have had a noticeable impact, with some dealers experiencing significant losses and others temporarily closing their businesses. This situation highlighted the industry’s adaptability and critical dependence on technology.
  • Greenfield stressed the importance of increased caution and enhanced cybersecurity measures in the automotive sector. The attacks on CDK Global have set a precedent, making other major players potential targets. The industry must prioritize cybersecurity and ensure robust protections to prevent similar incidents. Heightened awareness and media coverage of the attacks could lead to increased scrutiny and potential changes in the valuation of automotive software companies.
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"These cyber attacks underscore just how mission critical the Dealer Management Systems are to the automotive industry, and the fallout could take months or even years to fully resolve.” - Steve Greenfield, CEO and founder of Automotive Ventures.

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