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Ted Smith of FADA calls for CDK accountability amid cyberattack crisis

Dealers nationwide face a digital blackout, leaving them scrambling to maintain operations and reassure anxious customers. To shed light on the crisis, we turn to Ted Smith, President of the Florida Automobile Dealers Association (FADA). Smith provides a crucial perspective on the impact of the attack, the urgent need for transparency from CDK, and the steps dealers must take to navigate this digital disaster. 


  • Ted Smith emphasizes the critical need for CDK Global to provide detailed information about the extent of the data breach. Dealers should be aware of the severity of the attack, the potential exposure of customer data, and the overall impact on their operations. Smith urges dealers to contact CDK and their insurers immediately to understand the scope of the damage and take necessary precautions.
  • Smith compares the cyberattack’s impact to natural disasters like hurricanes, noting that Florida dealers are accustomed to handling significant operational disruptions. This resilience helps them manage the immediate challenges posed by the cyberattack. He highlights the importance of experienced dealership staff who can revert to manual processes to continue sales and service operations despite the technological setback.
  • The primary concern for dealers is the potential loss of consumer trust due to the data breach. Customers are contacting dealerships because they worry about the security of their personal information. Smith underscores that, while dealers may not be directly at fault, they must reassure customers and manage the fallout. He also points out the legal complexities, including potential claims under cyber policies and the necessity for clear communication with state authorities like the Florida Attorney General to ensure accountability lies with CDK, not the individual dealerships.
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"We need information from CDK, so dealers are being asked to contact CDK, dealers are being asked to contact their insurers...But the chief concern obviously is for our customers." – Ted Smith

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