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Jen Suzuki calls for government intervention in wake of CDK Global cyberattack

The government needs to play a larger role in cyberattacks like those we’re seeing with CDK Global. Today, we’re joined by Jen Suzuki, acclaimed sales trainer, President of eDealer Solutions, and Host of Loyalty-Based Sales Strategies, to give us her perspective.  


  • Despite the initial shock and potential disruptions, dealerships have demonstrated the ability to adapt quickly by reverting to manual processes and maintaining business operations. This showcases the industry’s strength and readiness to address unexpected challenges, underscoring the importance of teamwork and problem-solving within dealership teams.
  • Suzuki strongly advocates for a greater government role in addressing cybersecurity threats. She views cyberattacks, like the one on CDK Global, as a form of terrorism that poses a significant risk to personal information and national security. Suzuki urges governmental intervention to protect businesses and individuals, providing guidance and support to prevent such incidents and mitigate their impact. She stresses that this is a homeland security issue that requires urgent attention.
  • In response to the cyberattack, Suzuki emphasizes the value of personal connections and relationships in the automotive industry. With digital systems compromised, she encourages dealerships to focus on direct customer communication through phone calls and personal interactions. This approach helps maintain business continuity and strengthens customer relationships, which are crucial for long-term success. Suzuki sees this as an opportunity to reconnect with customers personally, highlighting the enduring importance of human interaction in the digital age.
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"I really hope that our government comes to the table for us and shows a bigger presence in consulting businesses and sharing with us what they are doing so that we can have some comfort...this is a terrorist attack, and we need our government to step in." – Jen Suzuki.

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