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Should Your Website Have a “Meet Our Employees” Page?

Today, having a strong social media and internet presence is a must for all companies, dealerships included. However, though we know that these elements...

Six Must-Have Tools on Your Dealership Website

No longer are dealership websites just for displaying contact information and vehicle descriptions. Today, customers are looking for a more responsive and immersive experience...

Is Your Dealership Website Truly User-Friendly?

Whether they use it to look up your address or scour it to compare you to your competition, your website is the most public...
attract and convert

Bells & Whistles May Not Attract and Convert

Here’s a silly question for dealers and managers: Do you ever look at your website and think it’s stale or boring? Of course you...
search engine optimization

Writing SEO Rich Copy for Your Dealership Website

Before we can even get into how you can have an SEO rich website, it’s important to know what SEO content is. SEO stands...
online guided shopping

Online Guided Selling as a Website Strategy

Almost 2 years ago, I wrote an article discussing the death of static lead forms. Although they were (and still are) being used by...
search engines

Is Your Website Scaring Customers Away? 8 Issues to Fix Right...

If your dealership website is receiving plenty of visitors but few conversions, then apparently there's a problem. All the traffic in the world is...
car buying

How to Be a 100 Percent Intelligent Dealership

We have been hearing a lot lately about the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) when it comes to engaging with Automotive Sales Customers. I...
SEO checklist

The Ultimate 2018 SEO Checklist for Your Dealership Website

As a car dealer, you need to ensure your customer’s know what vehicles you currently have on your lot and if you are offering...
VDP - vehicle detail page

Four Ways to Optimize Your VDP and Drive Sales

We need to redefine the meaning of the vehicle detail page (VDP). At a time when automobile shoppers are expecting more transparency and user-friendly experiences,...