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How software innovation companies are reimagining automotive retail

On the latest episode of Auto Marketing Now, host Brian Pasch, Founder of PCG Companies, sits down with CEO of A2Z Sync, Chip Perry to...

COO Joe Tautges shares recap of CDK Global’s first conference

CDK Global recently held its first conference known as CDK Connect, an event filled with industry experts, breakout sessions, and so much more. Joining...
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The skills auto technicians need to make them uniquely qualified for...

On the latest episode of Service Drive, host Don Reed takes a deep dive into how future automotive industry trends will affect auto technicians...

Top four opportunities in driver’s experience for automotive manufacturers

There's a lesson to be learned from Tesla and its ascent to the status of most valuable car manufacturer in the world. The leapfrog,...

Software Won’t Correct Bad Leadership

In sports, there is a saying, “It’s All About the Jimmy’s and Joe’s not the X’s and O’s.” What that means is, having the...

Why Are Service Departments Still Not Texting?

Technology has become so advanced. Most technology is designed to improve communication and make us more efficient, but technology is really just a means...

Four Automated Technologies that can Make Life Easier at Your Dealership

Did you ever wish you could clone yourself or someone on your team? It would give you an extra set of hands, as well...
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Just Starting Out: Five Helpful Resources For Emerging Dealers

As of 2017, there were over 18,000 light-vehicle automobile dealerships in the United States. That statistic shows that the landscape for automobile dealers is...

The Next Ten Years: Transitioning from Hardware to Software

To anyone who’s tinkered with a car lately, it’s clear that the cars of today are not the same as those our forbearers drove....
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New Software and Tools To Help You Analyze Your Google Search...

It’s unarguable that Google has aided us to advance our businesses and reach where it was not possible before. However, it’s inevitable that with...