New Software and Tools To Help You Analyze Your Google Search Results

Google Search

It’s unarguable that Google has aided us to advance our businesses and reach where it was not possible before. However, it’s inevitable that with every good thing comes some downsides. In this specific case, it’s the Google algorithm updates. There’s no question to the fact that these updates are supposed to make it easier or more efficient for website owners, but they can instead leave them feeling more concerned and confused than before.

It takes a while for companies or individuals to create websites that embodies everything that they are trying to get across to their consumers. So, when Google updates their algorithm, it can mean extra work for the website owners to then get their systems back in order. Even further, Google keeps it under wraps how exactly they evaluate a website and how they determine which websites they choose to show for each search query.

Your dealership needs to rank higher on the search query list to gain new customers. Nowadays, it’s important for your website to be within the first couple of search results on the first page. If it is further ahead, many users will not bother to spend the extra effort to look for your specific website. Instead, they’ll just click on any site that comes first, which might be a competitors website.

With that being said, there are a number of different software and tools available to help your dealership enhance and optimize your search engine ranking. Some of the tools that are mentioned are paid while others are free services. These tools are designed to help you to run a website analysis just like a marketer, or even a Google bot, would. For your convenience, these tools will be organized by their cost, i.e. paid or free.

Top 10 Website Checking Software and Tools

  • Moz Pro Tools

Price: Initially starts with a free 30-day trial – after which the paid plans range from $99/monthly to $599/monthly.

Moz Pro Tools gives users an all in one service which can help you to increase your dealerships search ranking. They have a vast collection of tools that provide their subscribers with everything they need to optimize their overall website, build reports, track growth, and identify any SEO opportunities.

  • Woorank

Price: Initially a free 14-day trial – after which plans range from $49/month on a Pro Plan to $149/month on a Premium Plan.

Woorank’s site analysis will allow your dealership to gain insight into chances for improvement and optimization within your website. Their analyzing tools use your existing usability, social media, and SEO initiatives, among others, to build a report that is personalized and customized to your business.

  • Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Price: Offers a free Lite version, but features some limitations, such as only allowing for 500 URLs per website. It is $160 annually for the paid plan.

The Screaming Frog SEO Spiders program crawls into whatever website URL that is specified and examines them for any usual SEO issues. The main advantage of this software is how it abridges and accelerates issues that would otherwise be time-consuming to go through individually.

  • Remove’em

Price: Subscription service starts at $99/month or $249/domain.

Google is smart, which means that even if you don’t realize a mistake that you might have made – Google does not. Unnatural or artificial links can badly hurt your search ranking. Remove’em helps dealerships go through those links and remove them.

  • Google Webmaster Tools

Price: Free

It might seem like the most obvious route, but in fact, Google Webmaster Tools is one of the most overlooked tools. What’s better than asking Google what Google wants? Their tools are some of the most novice-friendly resources in the market. The Fetch tool, for example, allows users to see a URL in the way that Google sees it. The data that comes back can help you to see where modifications or improvements can be made. Each week a user gets 500 fetches.

  • Check My Links

Price: Free

Links within a webpage are very important, regardless of whether they are internal or external. Check My Links makes it easier for you to see which links might be broken before a page is published. It checks through all the links and highlights the working links in green and the broken links in red.

  • SEO Report Card

Price: Free

This tool by UpCity analyses your website and compares it to those of your competitors. In the end, after all the analysis is completed, it sends you a report that covers current indexing, trust metrics, website accessibility, on-site analysis, link building, and ranking analysis.

  • Website Grader by HubSpot

Price: Free

Since this tool was developed in 2007, it has helped countless businesses to uncover all their problem areas within a website, including any opportunities to optimize their search engine.

This online tool generates reports based on key metrics, including, security, SEO, mobile readiness, and overall performance.

  • SEO Audit Tool by Found

Price: Free

This tool by Found is a great tool for marketers, businesses, and dealerships who are wishing to identify any SEO errors they might be making on their websites. With this easy to use tool, users only need to add their website URL, after which they’ll instantly receive an automated audit. The audit comprises of three parts which are external links analysis, content issues, and technical issues.

  • SEO Overview Tool by Varvy

Price: Free

This auditing tool offers you with data regarding their page speed, technical SEO, page SEO, social mentions, social counts, image SEO, links, and domain strength. The report is prepared within just one minute and goes into depth about the different aspects concerning all parts of your website. They employ green checkmarks, red X’s, and amber exclamation marks to showcase the intensity of each issue.

Final Words

Regardless of what tool, service or software that you choose to use, or even the price, to enhance and keep on top of your search results, the end result is what matters. Most of these ‘free’ services will offer you great results, similarly, the ‘paid’ versions might give you more of an insight. It all truly depends on what exact aspect of your website you are willing and able to modify. All in all, they will all help you reach your end goal of getting a higher search engine ranking – not only on Google but across the several search engines in the market.