How software innovation companies are reimagining automotive retail

Only 20% of car buyers say they very much liked the most important part of the experience.

On the latest episode of Auto Marketing Now, host Brian Pasch, Founder of PCG Companies, sits down with CEO of A2Z Sync, Chip Perry to discuss the massive movement and investments into software companies that help reimagine automotive retail.

Perry says A2Z is helping dealers holistically transform the customer buying experience in the sales process into a customer-pleasing encounter. One of the biggest problems still sits at the transition from online to in-store. Over 90% of car purchases are still happening at the dealership.

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The reason why the industry has struggled with modernization is that it hasn’t fundamentally changed and improved with the use of digital technology says, Perry. Another reason is dealers are quite profitable today. Also, the lack of technology enables a unified, simple streamlined experience. Perry also believes it’s the complexity of the transaction. Lastly, the fourth hurdle is the culture, behavior, and habit patterns that many dealers have established throughout the years.

Only 20% of car buyers say they very much liked the most important part of the experience. There are probably 100 or fewer dealerships in America that are true one-person selling operations. Those that are showing this burning desire to improve customer experience.

customerPerry says their online tool enables very quickly, perfectly matching payments from the engine that produces the in-store deal structure and finance application and menu that gets inserted in the DMS. They wanted the salesperson to easily see what the customer did. They created a summary of the customer’s online activities that enables them to see exactly what cars they’re on and cars that were viewed.

The in-store experience will remain the dominant mode, of retail and automotive for years to come says, Perry. He does believe over time, the industry will perfect the online way to get to true Amazon-style, hands-free eCommerce. Scaling up to help this industry evolve as quickly as possible is the biggest most exciting opportunity we have in front of us says Perry.

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