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Biden Administration announces strategy for $50 billion CHIPs Act spending

Earlier this week, the US Department of Commerce outlined plans for a rollout of $50 billion in funding for domestic semiconductor chip manufacturing as...

Auto supplier Bosch expects global semiconductor bottlenecks to continue into 2023

Europe's largest auto supplier, Bosch, recently said the global bottleneck of semiconductor chips could last through 2023. The low supply of auto chips and...

South Korean trucker strike takes aim at semiconductors, clogs supply chain

In protest of the ever-escalating fuel costs, truck drivers in South Korea have taken their foot off the gas. Government predictions suggest that at...

Suppliers get creative to battle raw materials and semiconductor shortages

The Russia-Ukraine War and the lingering impact on production cycles due to COVID-19 are still influencing the supply of new automotive vehicles. Materials like...

Toyota trims June production by 100,000 units due to chip shortage

On Tuesday, Toyota Motor Corporation announced that global production for June would experience further adjustments as the carmaker grapples with supply chain issues. Of a previously...
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New car prices edge higher in April, supply remains about the...

This week, a Cox Automotive analysis showed that new car prices are continuing to rise while new inventory is staying low due to ongoing...
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Where does the semiconductor chip shortage stand today?

With modern cars sometimes needing thousands of semiconductor chips to run the various electronics, automakers are still feeling the effects of the shortage. Today’s...
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A look inside the current state of the semiconductor microchip shortage

While automakers and basically every manufacturer around the world were hoping the semiconductor microchip shortage would be a thing of the past by now,...

How the magnesium shortage could affect the auto industry

While the semiconductor chip shortage remains the most discussed deficit affecting the auto industry, the low magnesium supply is increasingly becoming a concern as...

Carmakers scale back production further on semiconductor shortage

Halfway around the globe in Malaysia, COVID-19 cases have spiked badly in the past five weeks, and daily case counts in the nation of...