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The chip shortage and how F&I is being impacted

In a year when dealers have been looking forward to trying to put the worst of the pandemic behind them, now there is a...

Manage customers’ F&I time expectations with 3 simple strategies

One of the most delicate balancing acts in the sales process is dealing with the amount of time it takes to actually deliver the...
Lucid Motors

Lucid Motors going public in SPAC merger

The luxury electric car maker Lucid Motors will become a publicly traded company, opening up access to billions of dollars in funding. Lucid is...

Private equities are acquiring F&I administrators. Is it hurting your margins?

In the last few decades, private equity firms throughout the US have been buying up businesses across industries with the intention of turning ailing...

Tips to enhance the trade-in appraisal process

In the United States, 43% of new car sales include a customer’s trade-in. 22% of pre-owned sales have a trade involved. Altogether, nearly 16...
Black Friday

Lower volume, higher profits the name of the game for dealers...

In yet another twist on a topsy-turvy year, Black Friday car deals are expected to be less aggressive than they have been in previous...

The 7 Most Effective Words for Closing a Deal

If you have been in the car business for any length of time, you have most likely heard of a concept taught by some...
good note

Starting and ending the day on a good note

Start and end your day on a good note. Mark Tewart wants you to do everything you can to make today worth celebrating on...
Becky Chernek

Don’t Wait For The Deal To Come To You

The F&I Manager has little to no interaction with customers until they step into your office. Becky Chernek says it does not have to be...