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infrastructure funding

Biden opens applications for first phase of EV charging infrastructure funding

On March 14, the White House announced the opening of applications for a $2.5 billion funding program to develop the nation's urban and rural...
CFADA OEMs EV distribution

How legacy OEMs are providing great EV options for dealers in...

As inventory slowly increases for many dealers across the country, that means they have more electric vehicles from OEMs on their lots to sell....
Amazon and Mercedes

Amazon and Mercedes plan to make EVs more accessible to consumers

Last Thursday, Amazon and Mercedes revealed new projects targeting electric vehicle accessibility in the U.S. Experts have continually raised red flags over the auto-industry's EV...
charging stations

GM taps dealerships to fight charging station shortage

General Motors announced that just under a quarter of its dealers had signed up to help install thousands of charging stations across the U.S. Many...

Most consumers still unconvinced about self-driving cars and EVs

Deloitte recently ran a survey related to consumer thoughts about self-driving vehicles. The results of this study might surprise you, especially with the big...

Cox Automotive’s Charlie Chesbrough on how car dealers can remain successful...

As we move through the final quarter of the year, you may be asking yourself what can you do to remain successful, despite the...

Nearly one-third of car shoppers are checking out EVs

0 research suggests that 32% of car shoppers are now looking to get into EVs. For these car shoppers, there will be over 100...

How car dealerships are preparing for an EV future

Though the idea of electric vehicles (EVs) can be traced back to the 1800s, with over half a million units sold in the first...

Is hydrogen gaining steam to power past the EV?

Conversation at this year's 24 Hours of Le Mans on upcoming classes piqued interest, especially regarding the new Hydrogen class. Racecar Engineering reported that the...
EV charging

EV adoption hindered by poor range, insufficient charging infrastructure

Mazda has opened reservations for their first all-electric vehicle, the Mazda MX-30 EV. Mostly comparable in size to the compact CX-30 SUV, it’s billed...