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To ensure­ that all customers stay informed, businesse­s must have effective­ communication processes and protocols in place.

Elevating the service experience with proactive communication and real-time updates

In the world of automotive dealerships, the service experience often represents the most complex and confusing part of the customer journey. From scheduling appointments...
Unlike aggregated second or third-party data, first-party data stems straight from consumers’ direct engagement with your brand.

First-party data: a marketing goldmine for dealers

Macroeconomic and industry-specific challenges continue to impact how dealers do business. From inflationary pressures and rising interest rates to vehicle inventory challenges, fluctuating prices,...
Haig Report Q3 2023: Unveiling robust dealership market trends, historic sales, and blue sky values in a dynamic auto industry landscape.

Strong demand for dealership acquisitions despite decline in blue sky values

The latest Haig Report for Q3 2023 from buy/sell firm Haig Partners revealed a sustained high demand for car dealerships. The report indicates that...
Ford’s SOS program is one way to address this technician shortage, but more automakers and dealers must get in on the effort.

Why is there still a technician shortage and what are industry...

The lack of qualified technicians is an ever-present issue for most dealerships. By next year, this shortfall is projected to increase to 642,000 open...
Being ready to identify fraud from the beginning of a customer interaction helps protect your store and maintain relationships with lenders.

Tips to help spot identity and income verification fraud

With the gloomy economic forecasts that are flooding every media outlet daily, criminals are finding an easier environment to be able to pull off...
The PR toolkit boasts various strategies, encompassing media relations, press releases, social media engagement, and event sponsorships.

Public relations for dealerships: when silence isn’t golden

Public relations (PR) is a crucial yet often underestimated and unused tool for automotive dealerships. PR is an integral element of any dealership’s strategy,...
One of the more important actions to take while being agile is the ability to make quick decisions under pressure

Agile mindset: automotive leadership during disruptive times

The car dealership business demands flexibility of thought and action. We’ll use agility to describe the ability to see a potential problem as an...
By prioritizing the customer experience, dealers can cultivate a community of brand advocates that generate repeat business and referrals.

Why customer experience is your dealership’s ultimate marketing tool

In the dim glow of a local dealership, Sarah drove off the lot with her brand-new sedan. Instead of feeling like just another sale,...
In this article, we will de­lve into the effectiveness of online vehicle me­rchandising and provide practical tips to help you achieve success in this crucial area.

7 tips for enhancing your dealership’s online vehicle merchandising strategy

In today's fast-paced digital age­, having a robust strategy for showcasing your dealership’s vehicles online­ is not just a passing trend – it's absolutely...
It's time to revamp your sales team's performance and drive your dealership sales to new heights. Act now to invest in their training.

Drive your dealership sales to new heights: The power of ongoing...

Talk with any sales manager, and they'll say that a dealership sales success is built on the foundation of its sales department. And it's...