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Best practices for hiring at your car dealership

People are quitting their jobs, and the pandemic didn't help. But it's not necessarily about the pandemic or even low pay. In a 2019 study,...
influencer marketing

How influencer marketing can benefit your car dealership

It would be easy to think that influencers have been a new tool for marketing in the last ten years, but you would be...
digital storefront

Tips to keep your car dealership’s digital storefront updated

Is your dealership's digital storefront pulling in the number of customers to meet your quarterly plan? Or do you find one department doing all...
days' supply

Record car sales push days’ supply of inventory down further

New car inventory has been steadily decreasing since December on two main factors: extremely strong buying behaviors by an increasingly confident nation, and a...

EV owners likely to go electric again, says J.D. Power research

J.D. Power conducted an initial survey of American electric car buyers to determine their satisfaction. Their findings discovered that more than 4 out of...

Five factors that drive innovation in auto retail

Dealership gross profits have declined from 3.3% to 2.4% between 2015 and 2018. Over that same time frame, an average dealership’s operating profits saw...

How auto brands fared in Interbrand’s Top 100 ratings

Interbrand has released its list of winners for the Best Global Brands in 2020. The consultancy firm bases its ratings on financial forecast, the role of...

Pointers in positive messaging from Coca-Cola

Worldwide beverage brand Coca-Cola was quiet as the coronavirus pandemic raged worldwide. Rather than pushing their product, the global leader cut their ad spend...
digital retailing

How to Maintain Brand Consistency with Digital Retailing

Digital retailing has quickly advanced in automotive markets due to the limitations from COVID-19. With sudden integration for many dealerships over a short time...

Report Shows the Consumer Connection Goes Beyond Cars to Include Brand

It seems that car owners have always developed an emotional bond with their vehicle. Research by Road & Travel Magazine from back in December...