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Mike Michalowicz

3 essential questions business owners need to ask about their marketing...

Are you struggling to effectively market your business? If so, Mike Michalowicz, serial entrepreneur, leader of two new multi-million-dollar ventures, and author, recommends asking yourself...

The importance of mastering Google’s Dealer Guidebook for effective digital marketing

Google is the largest source of information that not only helps us with daily tasks, but also allows businesses to reach wider audiences by...
express lane

Best Practices for Post-Pandemic Express Lane Service

In wake of a global pandemic, the safety of guests and employees is foremost on dealers’ minds. Safety is foremost on the minds of...

Be a Champion this Saturday

 What did you think about when you woke up this morning? Did you want to climb back into bed or did you wake up...
best practices

Focusing Efforts When Developing Best Practices at Your Dealership

You may have heard the words “best practices” thrown around at meetings, on memos and during conversations at sales conventions. The term refers to...
hiring process

Best Practices to Remember During the Hiring Process for Your Dealership

Few things remain unchanged as time passes. Whether they become outmoded or obsolete, there is little that hasn’t been touched by Father Time’s hands....

Best Practices to Help Your Employees Set Their Professional Goals

For anyone to improve or advance, they need to have goals set, regardless of whether that’s in an individual’s professional or personal life. Though...

Implementing New Practices Learned in Training

When you send your F&I Manager to school, you hope that they come back with some knew information that could help the dealership. Becky...

The Science of Negotiation: Best Practices for Handling Negotiations at Your...

Negotiation is a word that causes excitement in some and dread in others. To many, negotiations may seem like an unnecessary part of doing...
visual displays

Visual Displays — Best Practices in the Auto Industry

The use of visual displays for advertising has had a major role in advertising for those in the automobile industry. This form of advertising...