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one of the most significant developments in car sales has been the rise of mobile video

Mobile video revolution: The new era of car sales

Automobile dealerships are told they must adapt to the ever-changing landscape every week. Or at least it seems that way. For example, one of...
digital retailing

Are You Out-Performing the Competition in Digital Retailing?

Digital retailing in the automotive space is an unavoidable force that must be reckoned with. For many dealers, it is a sink or swim...

What Tesla’s Decision to Close Stores Could Mean for Dealers

Tesla has been blazing new paths since it was founded by Elon Musk back in 2003. The manufacturer’s commitment to Electric Vehicles (EV) has...

General Motors is Transforming Itself to Reflect a Transforming Industry

When it comes to foresight, General Motors is proving itself to be a leading Seer of Automotives. In a year when other Titans of...
Black Friday

Good News for Black Friday Car Shoppers in Edmunds Report

In the last few years, a determined grassroots movement has sprung up around the country, and it is quietly making a difference. No, it’s...

What Does VW’s New European Dealer Agreement Mean for US Dealers?

A new 500 page rewrite of Volkswagen’s European dealer agreement is set to take effect in April 2020.  The new agreement is a result...