To Be a Strong Leader, There Are 6 Things You Must Give Your People (Most Rarely Do)


The impact of work cultures on the bottom line is a hot business topic. More execs and HR leaders are connecting the dots on how an ecosystem of commonly held values, beliefs, and positive work behaviors drives engagement, innovation, and high performance.

Yet culture doesn’t just happen. It takes visionary, servant leadership at the top creating the environment for intrinsically motivated employees to release discretionary effort.

These are selfless leaders who shine the spotlight on others instead of themselves. They have one thing in mind: How do I empower my tribe to reach their potential? You’ll find that they are givers–in a personal, leadership, and organizational sense.

Here’s what they give often to benefit their employees:

1. They give employees their ear.

2. They give their employees empathy.

3. They give their employees rewards and recognition.

4. They give their employees space to recharge.

5. They give their employees plenty of information, communicating both the good and the bad.

6. They give their employees fairness.


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