In a press release this week, Sonic Automotive said that its EchoPark brand has now expanded into Missouri as part of its goal to have 90% coverage throughout the U.S. by 2025. The company currently operates in 20 states, and the St. Louis-based facility is a Retail Hub that will sell cars both in-person and online. 

EchoPark’s Delivery Centers only offer inventory online, but both Delivery Centers and Retail Hubs “are considered Experience Centers with Experience Guides and an Imagine Bar ready to help guests find the [right vehicle].”

The press release stated that EchoPark’s “new exclusive website allows for any car to be sold to anyone, anywhere while expansion of new locations allows EchoPark to be a trusted source in the consumer’s neighborhood to take delivery.”

The opening of the new EchoPark location comes after Sonic Automotive released record earnings for the first quarter of the year, with revenues reaching $3.6 billion and net income from continuing operations reaching $97.3 million. EchoPark revenues alone reportedly ended up at a record $625.3 million, over 23% higher than Q1 of 2021. 

Sonic Automotive’s Chief Executive Officer, David Smith, said the company is “very excited to announce the opening” of the new location and added that the company is “pleased with the progress [it is] making as a brand.” He also noted that his team is “continuing to deliver happy owners, while growing the EchoPark brand at the same time.”

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