Several ways you can increase sales and improve profits.

So when it comes to investing in the latest, newest and greatest technology for F&I, is it the end all to selling more cars and products? Rebecca Chernek says no, it’s not.

Chernek is the head of Chernek Consulting, a 30-year insider to the auto industry. When it comes to software systems, she believes they don’t sell products…people do. So when it comes to your F&I office, she offers these tips on how to increase sales and improve profits with the “human factor.”

Finance managers must develop a bond with customers early on, so she says meeting the customer on their terms at the sales person’s desk is an important first step.

Another tip Chernek says the transition from the sales floor to the F&I office needs to be seamless, with organized fluidity. Let the customer know where they are every step of the way, so when it’s time to present menu products, an organized presentation will influence a successful outcome.

And the last tip when you present menu products, make sure you offer a value proposition with each. Chernek says when presented that way, it addresses customer concerns and helps them see the necessary value of a product, instead of looking at it as just another cost they would rather not obtain.