Does your sales department get along with your F&I department?

hinder increased profits

Does your dealership ever have issues between the F&I department and Sales department? If any problems here aren’t smoothed out, it can greatly hinder increased profits at your store.

Luckily, NCM Institute, says you can seamlessly integrate the two. All it takes is teamwork and specific actions, that will bring your dealership up to speed with the highest performing auto sellers out there.
Make sure you establish credit criteria early on in the sales process. Before the customers decides on a car to buy, determine the best time to talk payments with your shoppers.

Identify when you should interview your shopper- meaning, find the best time to conduct a question and answer phase that will help you, help them. Clarify to them why this is an important part of the process.

And get the paperwork straight the first time around. If you send a customer into f and i with an incomplete deal checklist, or if the customer walks in unaware if they will be approved for credit, you risk losing a sale.
Don’t wait. The best time to solve your issues, is today.